tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite

Safety Notes

For precise hardware-related measurements the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite has to access the hardware as directly as possible. Part of it is thus implemented as a driver. A failure of this driver component, however, does usually not only result in a crash of the benchmarks but also in a crash or re-boot of the operating system. Hence, a driver failure will potentially bring about far more dramatic consequences - for example loss of data because of inconsistency in the file system - than problems with classic applications.

So please only use the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite if you are fully aware of the risk and the potential effects involved in using the software. tecCHANNEL, IDG publishers and the programming team do not accept any responsibilities for potential damages by running the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite.

Before starting the benchmarks you should close all applications. This absolutely has to be done for safety reasons, otherwise any unsaved data would be at risk in case of a program crash.

Moreover, while running the test other programs could access the mass storage device that is being evaluated, and this would lead to inaccurate results. At the very start tecBench and tecMem remind you of all this via dialogue box. It is absolutely recommended to test only unused drives with tecBench. It is recommendable to boot Windows from a separate hard drive and to integrate the drive that is to be tested into the system as a second, empty hard drive.

tecMem severely interferes with the operating system. That is why you should use tecMem even more cautiously than the tecBench software.

Do only start the programs of the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite on computers exclusively reserved for hardware tests. A test run on a PC containing important data therefore has to be ruled out. If any malfunction of the test-PC may put other parts of the system at risk - for example in a network - you also better do not use the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite.