tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite

Details given by manufacturers often are very optimistic and do not always correspond to reality. Who wants to gain informations on the actual performance of one's hardware can now check it exactly with the tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite.

If a PC does not run smoothly there is a variety of potential sources for the experienced problems. For example some components may not be configured optimally or may even be defective. Does a user have the impression that his computer is very slow, the PC may suffer from messed up BIOS settings which reduce for instance the CPU cache or memory performance. Still, a check of any performance results given by manufacturers is advisable anyway, not only in case of problems.

At present our tecCHANNEL Benchmark Suite contains three hardware-related test programs. tecBench is the graphical interface integrating the two benchmarks tecHD and tecCD/DVD for evaluating mass storage devices. tecMem, the third program of the trio, is an independent program with its own graphical user interface tailored to its needs. tecMem determines the available bandwidth for data transfers between the CPU and the different levels of the memory hierarchy (caches, main memory).

The tecCHANNEL editorial staff uses this software for nearly all its hardware tests. After two years of development we can now put a free version of our low-level benchmarks at your disposal.