Review: VIAs Apollo Pro266 beats Rambus

VIAs eagerly anticipated chipset Apollo Pro266 for DDR memory is ready to launch. reviewed one of the first preproduction motherboards for Celeron and Pentium III processors. The results surpass our expectations by far.

VIAs Apollo Pro266 will be the first available chipset for PCs that works with DDR-SDRAM. It is designed for Intel-CPUs that fit into Socket 370, ie Pentium III-Coppermine/FC-PGA and Celeron/FC-PGA. Another Apollo KT266 will soon bring DDR-performance for AMDs Athlon and Duron in their Socket A versions.

In our advanced testLab we were able to extensively benchmark a demo-mainboard supplied by VIA. The VT5322C surpassed all the expectations we put into it and clearly defeated other Socket 370 solutions equipped with PC-133-SDRAM or Rambus memory (DRDRAM, DRD800).