Review: United Linux 1.0

At Comdex Fall Conectiva, SuSE, SCO and Turbolinux have launched their joint server product called United Linux. tecCHANNEL had the opportunity to take a look in advance on SuSEs version of United Linux 1.0.

Not only did the quartet of Conectiva, SuSE, SCO und Turbolinux meet the original timeframe proposed in the May 2002 United Linux announcement, but managed to beat the initial schedule by around four weeks. Instead of looking for United Linux 1.0 under our X-mas trees we will be able to pick it off the shelves the next days.

Yet United Linux (UL) won't arrive as the uniform product its name proposes. Each one of the four UL-Partner provides its customers with an own flavour of the distribution. A compilate of kernel and basic applications, delivered on three CDs, serves as common core. Conectiva, SuSE, SCO und Turbolinux each retrofit this core with own add-on discs and dispose the result as a separately branded distribution "powered by United Linux".