IDG Ski-Event 2006 – On the top of Germany

From the 6th to the 9th of April IDG Germany (tecCHANNEL), IDG Switzerland (ComputerWorld) and IGS organized a Ski-Event for UK-clients and agencies on the roof of Germany, the Zugspitze.

So we hope you all enjoyed the event and had a good trip home. IDG says thank you for being our guests, and hopefully we’ll meet in the next weeks again.

On this Web-page you’ll find some impressions from the event in our picture galleries. You’ll also find download links with all pictures in high resolution in zip-packages of 20 to 25 pictures (= 40 MByte).

25 Pictures in Gallery 1 (low res):

25 Pictures in Gallery 2 (low res):

18 Pictures in Gallery 3 (low res):

If you made own pictures that you want to share with the team, please send them to Frank (, he will store additional pictures here on this site.
So come back again to this site in a few days, maybe you’ll find some extra pictures.

Download Gallery 1 (high res, 42 MByte)

Download Gallery 2 (high res, 44 MByte)

Download Gallery 3 (high res, 32 MByte)

Have fun and enjoy the pics

Best wishes from the IDG-Ski-Event-Team

Christina, Neil, Frank, Dirk and Urs