Windows Product Activation compromised


Windows XP enlists ten hardware components to calculate the installation ID, but six of them can be canceled without any problems:


To be canceled by

Important: A LAN does not tolerate two computers with the same MAC address.

Volume ID

Adapted by means of tool

MAC address

Tuned by means of driver

Graphics card

Switch over to docking station

CPU serial number

Switch off in BIOS

SCSI host adapter

Switch over to docking station

IDE controller

Switch over to docking station

Only four components are working almost effectively:


Size of bit field

Hard disk


CPU type




RAM size


Two fields are coded with three bits and two with seven bits. Because in each field the coefficient 0 is impossible, 7*7*127*127=790321 possibilities remain for the file wpa.dbl. As only three components are allowed to change from the moment of Activation onwards, you can take the weakest fixed component for a "Universal Activation".

The CPU type or the RAM size present themselves here as the best solution. It is more than sufficient to only once activate a computer with 128 MBytes of RAM at Microsoft's. With its file wpa.dbl you can then "activate" all other computers of the same memory size.