Windows Product Activation compromised

Notebook of Eight Kilogrammes

What would happen if we tell the operating system that the computer is a notebook?. This option can be toggled in the hardware profile of the device manager.

Can Microsoft be tricked that easily? Yes it can! After the next restart of the computer the analysis of the installation ID makes clear that suddenly the graphics card and the IDE/SCSI controller are no longer used to calculate the hardware ID.

So only three more differences in the configuration of the hardware remain:

  • Identification of the hard disk

  • Identification of the CPU

  • Identification of the CD-ROM drive

Because these three components are allowed to be different without XP insisting on a new Activation, this should be sufficient. So we copy the file wpa.dbl into the system32 directory of the second computer and start Windows XP. In the start menu it still says "Activate Windows". But when you call it up, you get your just reward though: