VIA Insides: Wenchi Chen speaks up

At CeBIT 2002 we took the chance to talk to the VIA-CEO once more about bugs in chipsets, memory technology and VIAs CPU strategy. In the end, Chen promised to have his southbridges redesigned.

Chen arrived in Hannover two days late, missing the VIA press conference. As soon as he touched down, he disappeared in meetings again. Only on Sunday morning we had a chance to meet with Chen, who surprisingly seemed as relaxed and entertaining as ever.

tecCHANNEL: You did not miss your own press conference at CeBIT in years. What kept you up?

Chen: Actually, I miss my press conferences all the time. That depends on my schedule. Also, we have a stronger (PR, Ed.) team right now, so they got to do more work.

tecCHANNEL: Many people at the show rumored that you were negotiating with ST Microelectronics to buy their Kyro technology.

Chen: Oh, I won't comment on anything like that...

tecCHANNEL: Will you comment at a later point of time during the show?

Chen: Not until the deal is settled.